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Weird Dreams

Oddly... I nearly always tend to have weird dreams when I nap. Maybe I'm just more likely to remember them?

At any rate, I woke up and had breakfast and all, but was still feeling worn out so I took a nap in the living room... which proved to be uncomfortable and not very restful, so I went back to my bed and slept for a couple of hours. I had some weird dreams in the process, though.

The first dream I recall involved me buying a couple of pieces of furniture -- some kind of chair with footstool, and an ash tray, for some reason -- considering I don't smoke. Apparently, I didn't have the money for them though, but my plan was to get some gemstones I had appraised and sell them for the money. Except the gemstones turned out to be the transparent plastic tokens I use in gaming, and were worthless. That was rather disappointing... although I recall hanging around the appraisal place a bit (it was an office in a building similar to the ones at my local university), and I recall taking a poster that had some cute pictures on it. o.O

I must've found a way to pay for the furniture, since I remember later running into some friends who had a car, and asking them to help transport it back to my apartment. They agreed, but then retrieving the furniture from the storage place (again, another part of the university) I got sidetracked, and never did get back to them...

This must've been the point I moved to my bed... because the dreams changed at this point. I started out wandering around a more remote part of the city, and came across another branch of the furniture store. Since I -still- hadn't actually gotten my furniture, I must've tried getting it from there, because I hung around for a while talking with the people there. I walked off to get my stuff from the storage place again, but left my bag behind because it was a short trip. The dream then changed to being about pirates, though -- perhaps inspired by a television show they were talking about.

My memory's a bit vague at this point, but I recall the pirates had gotten together to have a big party of some kind. One of the pirates was Skarre from the Iron Kingdoms setting, although she seemed a bit more blonde and ditzy than she is in the IK. I know the party got pretty chaotic, because the next morning they woke up to find they'd blasted away most of the surrounding area, leaving them on a plateau. I guess the plateau became a ship at this point (or they moved to a ship), because the next part of the dream revolved around a young girl whose father was a pirate. She thought he didn't love her, but when I explored the pirate ship and found him it turned out he was going to refurbish the ship's saloon (?) with new furniture to make it child-freindly, for his daughter. The other pirates caught wind of this, however, and decided to cast him out and kill him... but weren't able to catch him after they tossed him off of the ship.

Captain Bartolo Montador (also from the Iron Kingdoms) had shown up to flirt with Skarre, however, and decided to shoot the outcast pirate with his heavily overgunned ship. The outcast had managed to reach a cache of fireworks, though, and fired at Bartolo's own gunners, setting off his rather massive supply of powder and explosives. The ships exploded, and most of the pirates were either flung into the sea, or had to abandon ship. Skarre seemed to be in some trouble, but a rather chivalric young crewman jumped in to save her, and she developed a crush on him. Many of them seemed to be in danger of drowning, however, and so I got some guys that had showed up from nowhere to help me to give me a subermsible powered suit to use to save them. I ended up having to use it to fight off several sea monsters, but I was ultimately able to guide the pirates to safety through a flooded movie theater, that was still showing 'Jaws'.

The dream then changed to be about this mad scientist, who was apparently miniaturizing people and having them get attacked by engineered cells so that he could some how evolve into a superior form of human being (I'd been thinking about transhumanism lately, so I think some of this leaked in). The previous part of the dream, with the underwater escape, got muddled into this -- I think our mob had gotten exposed to some substance that miniaturized us, and we had to escape from some of the cells. After the escape (and presumably getting backto normal?) I left the research project I'd been involved in, accusing the scientist of unethical behavior. He continued his work, however, this time attacking his fellow scientists instead of strangers, injecting them with the substance so they'd be miniaturized and trapped in the injectors. One of the other scientists started noticing the disappearances (apparently because this unbalanced the administrative system, since they were no longer eligible for promotion... o.O), and confronted him about it. She found vials apparently labelled with their names, or something, as she looked for genetic samples, and upon examining the contents of one with her equipment found a miniaturized scientist under attack. Her unconscious figure was being encased in some sort of protein shell or the like, so that it could be consumed by the cells. She managed to rescue the scientist, who escaped to some kind of nanoprobe. The mini-scientist, confused about what had happened, beleive this was some kind of hazing ritual, and was determined to show she wouldn't give in. The other scientist, on the outside, managed to contact her and tried to convince her of what was going on.

At this point, I kind of woke up, but felt to tired to get up yet... so drifted in a kind of fugue-like state, half-awake and half-asleep. I think I wanted to get the dream over with, so I semi-guided it, as the two scientists tried to think of a way to stop the mad scientist's plans. I couldn't come up with a decent solution, however, as the mad scientist's body had evolved enough that he could just regenerate being shot. :( Around the time I was trying to think of some way to use the nanotech to destroy all of his cells, the phone rang and woke me up fully.
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