BouncyMischa (bouncymischa) wrote,

I'm such a nerd...

A conversation in the Napping Cat's Dream about the '70s and '80s reminded me of Halley's comet, one of the earliest things I distinctly recall from my childhood. The freaky part is, I can still recall the names of three of the probes from the top of my head -- Vega 1 and 2, and Giotto. Giotto always stuck in my mind as it was the probe that tried to get the closest to the nucleus.

Ah well... I was always an astronomy buff, so it's no surprise something like that stands out for me. I also remember the Voyager flybys of Uranus and Neptune (Uranus was a total letdown for everyone, I think, but Neptune more than made up for it...) Too bad I didn't apply myself a little more to science in school... I think there was a lot of neat stuff I could've learned in junior high had I tackled books with a little more detail and depth. :3

Also, one last note about my nerdiness... by in 1986, I actually built little Lego models of all of the Halley Armada probes, and hung them up in my room. XD
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