BouncyMischa (bouncymischa) wrote,

Revenge of the Towering Inferno!

Most of my journal entries these days seem to be about... distressing events, I guess you could say. Still, they're more than I usually have to write about. Well... in a way.

I had been planning to post a rather uplifting entry last week, but then disaster struck. Again. It seems that last week, after the fire early in September, they'd finally gotten around to repairing some of the damage in the apartment below ours -- at least, ripping out drywall and tearing down portions of the ceiling.

Unfortunately, in the process, they tore out our phone line. My brother and I didn't really notice until I tried to use the internet in the afternoon, and found we had no dial-tone. That was bothersome, but not entirely a surprise -- we've had problems off and on with the phone line in this place for the past year. So I gave the phone company a call, and they came out to check it the next day. Unfortunately, it seems the damage was worse than usual -- the phone line was completely severed. At that point, we started to suspect the renovations downstairs, and called the owner of the building. But they didn't manage to arrange to have someone come out to inspect it until today.

When we finally got into the apartment below ours, it was pretty obvious the phone line had been ripped out and cut -- you could see both ends dangling from the ceiling. It took a little work, but the repair guy managed to get it fixed, giving us a phone line again -- and internet access!

It was a bit of an educational experience, however, as it taught me just how reliant I am on the internet. I can get by without it, but it is my major means of communicating with my friends, and without it I feel rather lonely and isolated. Reading my newly purchased Amber novels, and playing Disgaea 2 just served to remind me of how I wished I could talk about them with my friends. Not to mention how all of my role-playing urges got all pent-up. :3 I'm glad I can get back online and enjoy myself doing those kinds of things again.
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