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A Tale Of Two Cons, or An Introduction To Anthrocon

I missed out on writing up an ACen con report, so I'm going to do my best to write one up today. I figured I'd mostly do it in point format, since my thoughts range rather widely. :P

- First/business class is something people should try if they get the chance. Aside from really comfy seats and decent meals, I got access to the executive lounges in the Edmonton and Toronto airports. It was rather fun to hang out there, amidst the people with their nice suits and business clothes and all. I wonder what they thought of me... XD It's also rather convenient getting to board first, get off the plane first, and go through shorter lines at security. :3

- Pittsburgh is actually a really nice city, at least the part I saw. It apparently has several river valleys, and there was a lot of greenery from what I saw. Of course, I didn't exactly go through many parts of town, just to and from the airport, but it still looked pretty nice. Plus, it was my first encounter with an East coast city. It was pretty cool to see buildings that looked like those from New York and such -- older architecture I really didn't see out in the West, only on TV. Also, as Charles pointed out, it was incredibly clean. The alleys and streets were pretty much spotless.

- I'm too used to using hotels with free shuttle buses, thanks to Anime Central. Didn't realize I'd have to PAY for the bus to get to the Westin... Q__Q Ah well, it worked out in the end.

- Registration on Thursday was rather amusing. Unlike ACen, at Anthrocon they had us line up according to the first letter of our last names. The lines were divided up A-D, E-K, L-R, and S-Z. When I was there, at least, the A-D and L-R lines were quite long, with virtually no one in the other two lines. Are furries predisposed to having certain last names?

- Gorn was able to do a surprisingly good imitation of a (sort of hippy) Mexican. :P

- Friday morning proved to have an example of mob mentality, as people seemed intent on heading out to the dealer's room early, but in the end it proved no one really had an idea of what they were doing. :3 I ended up camping out with Forestcat, and my ACen experience proved to be true as a line did eventually form to get into the dealer's room. Not as bad as ACen 2005 (*shudder*), fortunately. We got in quick, and I ambushed Amber to buy a calendar and try to get a commission -- which ultimately failed. ^_^;; Ah well. I did get some fantastic art from artists in the Artist's Alley.

- One of my biggest discoveries about Anthrocon was how art-based it was. While Anime Central obviously revolves around anime, and the dealer's room predominately features commercial groups selling merchandise, like DVDs and t-shirts and all, most of the dealers at Anthrocon were artists -- which meant there seemed to be little difference between the Artist's Alley and the dealer's area. Not to mention the art show was huge, compared to ACen.

- I also discovered that pretty much everyone at Anthrocon had a sketchbook they'd give to the artists to draw in. Even Amber's commission were done in sketchbooks, which is pretty much why I failed to get a commission. Q__Q Ah well, next year I shall take a shiny sketchbook or two and try to get much art.

- Encountered Roxikat, who said that Mischa looked like a pretty fun and cool character. Or something to that effect. :3 Managed to get a commission, which turned out quite amusing. Roxi also had a really cool costume/fursuit.

- Next year I have to track down more artists. I came across Eric Schwartz, and bought some of his comics. If I can manage to take more money, I'll have to try and get commissions from him, Michelle Light, and some of the other very cool and talented artists there. ( In hindsight, I wish I'd at least stopped by Ursula Vernon's table! )

- Many people commented that my genie pants looked quite comfortable. They were, of course, especially in the (relatively) sweltering 90-degree weather. Summer starts around July up here in Edmonton, so I was caught off guard by the hot June weather. :3

- Many people also commented that my 16" balloons, which I dragged about on Friday and Saturday, were huge. Which they are, but not as big as the 36" ones. At least I didn't inflate one of those at the con. :P

- The oddest event at the con was when I was sitting on the 3rd floor, waiting for the elevator with my big pink balloon. A fursuit took a picture of me. o_O It was a rather surreal experience.

- Charles and I twice took pictures of each other taking a picture. Now I have to get my film developed to see how they turned out. XD

- When not hanging around in the dealer's room, I mostly hung out in my room. Partly because I wasn't sure where everyone else was, partly exhaustion, and partly because the big crowds intimidated me at times (like at the tea party). Still, all the forumites I encountered were awesome, and I wish I'd spent more time hanging out with them. It sounds like they did some cool things, although I'm rather glad I didn't go out drinking. Maybe next year I'll stalk them more, or at least hang out at the Zoo.

- I did go online a few times, thanks to the free (if slow) internet provided. I managed to run into Lady Marianne from the Napping Cat's Dream, as her PG ironically sat down next to me while I was doing stuff on the forum. That resulted in a rather amusing chat encounter, as Lady Marianne was asked to track me down, and simply had to reach over and poke my shoulder to do so. :P

- At least the elevators kept working at this Anthrocon. I did learn to try and avoid them at certain hours, though.

- There were several decent places to eat on a reasonable budget near the hotel. Which is good, since they had really STEEP prices for food. Like $13 for some fruit and cereal for breakfast...

- The Bleach pizza party with Charles was fun, although we distracted Taski entirely too much. On Monday morning, as we tried to finish the Soul Society arc, I discovered just how much it draaaaaaags on. Jeez.

- I'm shocked Taski did such cool art for free. I managed to get an awesome Mischa & Gryphon (sp?) comic from him. I also have to admit I feel in love with Gryphon, even though he hates me. He's just a cool character. Taksi also found the picture I drew in his sketchbook hilarious, which was rather flattering. I have to admit, Mischa looks cute with bananas in her ears.

- I also managed to draw Gabi looking evil. Those two were the only really decent pictures I drew at the con, sadly.

- Visiting Blade's table in the Artist's Alley, I noticed she was offering to bite people for $5. Being tight on money, she suggested I ask Wildy, who'd probably do it for free. In the end, Wildy DID bite me for free, and ended up chewing on my arm for a while.

- Watching a lot of TV in the room, I noticed that you could find furries (to some extent) in nearly all television programming. It was rather amusing to flip through channels, and point out various furry and pseudofurry references in different programs. :P

- Who is Uncle Kage? Although Charles told me a lot about him, I think I only saw him in brief passing on Monday morning. :P Next year I'll probably try to go to his story hour, but this year I was just too exhausted.

- My flight back SUCKED. Things were going relatively smoothly, until as I was getting ready to board my flight back to Toronto, I discovered my passport was missing. I found it back at the security checkpoint relatively quickly, but by the time I got back to my gate (around 15-20 minutes later) the flight had already left. I had to rebook my flight, and ended up laying over in Toronto overnight. Security wouldn't let me through to wait by my gate, so I had to sleep in a rather uncomfortable chair until it opened the next morning. Riding business class on the return flight, and using the executive lounge did help lift my spirits a little, but it nearly sunk what had been an excellent mood the day before. I'm just mostly disappointed that I was feeling exceedingly relaxed and wanting to do some drawing the day before, but the ordeal getting back home ruined that. Still, focusing on the better parts of the con has helped me recover. :3

Before the con, I was feeling dubious about whether or not I should really go. In the end, I'm glad I did. Everyone was awesome to meet, and a lot of fun to hang out with. A couple of times, my depression in groups acted up, but everyone was friendly, and I never did really feel left out or like an outsider. I really hope I can go next year. ^__^
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Belated as it may be, I have to say it was nice seeing you at ACen, Mischa.

Thanks for that hug, just before I left the con. <3 I needed it.
Looks like you had a lot of fun :)
Glad to hear you had a good time.

Given some of the pictures I've seen of Roxi, and her suit... you should send her some of your 36" balloons. XP
.. surely you realise that they would perhaps like some picture so fwhat they saw at the con, for memory?

Seems only reasonable to me... :-)