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Weird More Dreams (WMDs)

Okay, this won't be nearly as long as last time... since these dreams happened right before I woke up, and I had to go to work.

There's actually been lots of other stuff going on in my life that's worthy of livejournaling, but... I don't wanna clutter up a post with it. So for now... dreams!

For some reason, my subconscious is obsessed with the end of the world, or something. The first dream I had this morning happened right before my alarm clock went off. I can't remember many details, although I know at the end I was on a bus with a bunch of other people. The main issue, however, was that there was a giant Rei Ayanami. Like, 'End of Evangelion' Rei Ayanami, ready to destroy the world. Fortunately (?), the government used a nuclear weapon on her.

Yeah, that's right. There was a nuke in my dream. Even weirder, I had another dream only a night or two ago, in which another nuclear weapon got used on another monster (which ended up just making it worse, a kind of psychic energy monster instead...).

At the point my alarm went off. I normally set it a half hour early, then reset it so I can get some more sleep, but won't sleep so deeply, so it's easier to get up. Except then my dreams pretty much picked up where they left off.

As I recall, now the action took place in a hotel. I believe that there was some kind of convention or fair or the like there. Unfortunately, the earlier problems were still going on (Rei Ayanami and whatever else there was), so people were evacuating. For some reason, I wanted to go up to the top floor, but it was proving to be difficult. (I actually 'sabotaged' an elevator that was annoying me, just to piss off whoever was messing with me... which was probably my subconscious. I wouldn't be surprised if I was semi-lucid at that point.) Another nuke was used, this one configured as an 'ion bomb'. After finally making my way up some stairs to the top floor, I encountered some people who were worried the use of so many bombs would wake up other kaiju monsters in the area, including Cloverfield. -.-

It's perhaps telling that the focus of my dream shifted at this point, as I made my way downstairs to where they were breaking down the fair, and became obsessed with obtaining some giant latex balloons people had. Yeah, it's the end of the world, and I still wanted to play with balloons. Then again, at the end of the world... having something fun and cheerful might not be such a bad idea... <.<

I'm just starting to wonder if my subconscious is resorting to worse and worse scenarios to try and scare me. That psychic energy monster was pretty damn scary... but why the heck are weapons of mass destruction getting used in my dreams??
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