BouncyMischa (bouncymischa) wrote,

Lucid Dreaming

I've often wanted to be able to lucid dream. A few years ago, I read some books on lucid dreaming, and how to try and induce it. I didn't have much luck then, however...although the culimination was one night when I actually did become lucid in a dream, although I didn't do very much. It only lasted a few minutes, as I recall. I've been fairly lucid at other times, most notably in situations where I was being chased by monsters and the like, and I realized that I could actually do what I wanted... which was usually fighting back.

I suppose I've had a fresh interest in it recently, however. On Monday or Tuesday, I'd gotten up early to talk with someone, and then laid down in the living room to take a nap... I must've reached some sort of half-awake half-asleep state because I entered into a weird near-lucid dream state. Weird as it sounds, I dreamt that I was lying there in the living room, as I was... but that I had boobs. <.<; I could feel their weight and everything, so it was... quite strange.

Last night got -really- weird, however. I was having my usual esoterically weird dream, in which I was running around some kind of... apartment or housing complex, that was somehow attached to the West Edmonton Mall through some pedways, or something. I think there had been an earlier element of monsters in the dream that were chasing us, so we were trying to escape via the complex and pedways.

I remember running into this guy in the pedways, however, and... hit a lucid moment. The pedways connected to the mall's waterpark, or at least went right beside them, and I could tell looking at the waterpark that I was in a dream. I even pointed it out to the guy, pointing out how there were inconsistencies... it was daylight outside at that point, apparently, and yet the waterpark was only lit by interior lighting despite having numerous exterior windows, is the point I remember making the most.

But I explicitly stated within the dream that I must be in a dream, which is probably the most lucid I've ever been. It was just too bad that the dream state started to fail before I could take advantage of it -- I started waking up within a few minutes of becoming lucid, again. Ah well... maybe it'll happen more often. :3
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