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Mischa the Pool Toy!

Bah, forget basil! I finally got to live out one of my dreams! Kind of. :3

You see, the local water park has a new attraction, these giant (7-8' diameter) clear plastic inflatable balls. They unzip it, and you climb in, and then they seal it up again before inflating it. And then you can roll around in it on the water in the wave pool! I'd heard about it over a month ago, but finally got the chance to go and try it out.

It was awesomely fun - if extremely exhausting. It's virtually impossible to stand up inside the globe because there's absolutely no traction on the water's surface at all, although I was almost getting the hang of it the second time around. Doing it when the wave machine was running made it all the trickier, but the second time out I was more prepared and had a total blast. Heheh... there was quite a few people with inner tube, but I was the biggest floatie out there. :P I kept bumping into people and things.

My only regret is that I didn't have a camera or anything to get someone to take photos. I'm hoping to drag my brother there sometime soon, so maybe I can get him to take pictures next time.

Aside from that dream fulfilled, the water park was a very fun visit. It's been years since I've been there. Most of the slides are the same (of course, they won't go and rebuild the whole thing), but there was one wild new one. It used to be a corkscrew that'd end in a several foot drop into a deep tank of water, but now it's more like one of those coin-things, that's shaped like an inverted cone (or, more accurately, a gravity well. :3) You'd slide the coin in, and it'd go round and round until it lost momentum and slid out the hole in the bottom. Well, they took that old slide, and made it like that. You go shooting down this tube, and out into the well, sliding round and round and round until you finally fall out the hole in the bottom and the pool of water.

I also rented an inner tube, went down a bunch of the old slides I remembered, and played in the wave pool. All in all, a very fun day, but extremely exhausting. I'm probably really badly out of shape, but there's also a heck of a lot of stairs to climb. XD

But yeah! Mischa the pool toy! Yaaaaaay!
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Well, congratulations ... I hadn't seen rides like that, but I can easily imagine them. Did I ever show you pictures of the Singapore artiste who climbs into weather balloons?