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Am I crazy, or am I just... the Basil King??

So... if I were a superhero, and I couldn't be all rubbery or a genie or both... well... I'd probably end up as the Basil King. :3

You see, at the Olive Garden where I work I normally do production work -- which means pre-portioning items so the line cooks can use them to prepare the actual dishes. Given that we can serve close to a thousand people a day, having a handful of us spend 8-10 hours doing this greatly saves time in the actual cooking process. Now, some of those dishes involve chopping up basil, and when we have promotions like the one going on now, I can go through an entire box of basil or more in the process.

Now, we're supposed to break down empty boxes and fold them up when we're done with them. One day, while breaking down an empty basil box, I noticed its base was fairly sturdy, and pushing it out partway formed a roughly conical shape, with an ovoid opening at the end. The upper part, opened up to gain access to the basil, had interlocking notches on the flaps, which looked rather like crenellations. The end result was something vaguely crown-like, and just about the right size to fit my head.

So I did the obvious thing. I took out my felt marker, wrote "The Basil King!" all over it, and wore it while I chopped up my basil, to the great entertainment of my co-workers. (Many, many people commented, "Nice hat". XD ) Of course, I had to throw it away when I was done, but... it was fun. Once I was wearing it when it went into the server's area to get some tablespoons, and a server walking in the door just then burst out laughing. When she asked what that was all about, some of the others just said, "He's the Basil King!" by way of explanation.

Sadly, yesterday while the Basil King was answering the need for basil products, a manager came across me and asked why I was wearing a box on my head. When I explained that I was the Basil King, answering the needs of the populace for food items containing basil, and that this was my crown, he pointed out that the Olive Garden's dress code didn't really permit the wearing of crowns -- er, boxes. So he confiscated my crown. Q__Q

Thusly, the Basil King has been temporarily foiled by the tyranny of the uniform dress code. But fear not, citizens! When the clarion call for basil goes out again, the Basil King shall be there!

( In the end, though, I'd probably still prefer to be a bouncy genie. :p )
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