BouncyMischa (bouncymischa) wrote,

Towering Inferno!

Okay... well, not quite. But around 4 AM this morning, got woken up due to the fire alarm going off. At first I thought it was just another false alarm or something... but my brother was apparently up and checking on it, and it turns out the apartment below ours had caught on fire. With smoke starting to fill up the bedroom, I grabbed a few things (mostly clothes) and tossed them into my suitcase (easy grabbing distance). My brother called 911, and we also managed to get our cat into her carrier, before heading outside.

Fortunately, the fire department arrived within minutes, and put out the fire. According to the building's caretaker, there was only surface damage, so the structure is still sound. I guess we were lucky, seeing as the fire didn't spread to any other apartments. I've often wondered what I'd do if there was a fire (I'm paranoid that way...), and at least those reactions kicked in when I grabbed my stuff. I still would've been heartbroken at the loss of a lot of things had the apartment caught fire, though. -__-

In the end, we got back inside around 5 AM. I'd inhaled a lot of smoke, so felt rather ill, and being unable to get back to sleep I ended up calling into work and taking the day off. I feel guilty for doing so, since we're short-handed and I'm certain this put a lot more work on my co-workers... but given my own condition, I didn't really feel up to facing that kind of stress on top of what I was already suffering from.

Ah well... I'm gonna head out in a bit to get some fresh air (I suspect hanging around the apartment isn't helping me feel any better), and hopefully will feel better within a day or two.
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